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The Different Types Of Email Marketing Messages To Have In Your Sequence

When it comes to email marketing, engagement is the key to your success.

Being able to motivate your reader to click a button, watch a video, check out a new offer link, or to reply to your email – these are all ways of engagement.

But to get that engagement and reaction from them, you’ve got to drive that engagement first. It’s in how you talk to your readers and how you engage with them.

Step into their shoes. Meet them where they’re at. Relate with them or talk to them through the use of language that they can resonate with.

In saying that, there are multiple different email marketing messages you can send to your audience.

If you want to move people closer to making a purchase, you don’t just send them sales emails all day. The strategy is to use a variety of different emails in your email sequence.

You need to write content emails, referral emails, free giveaway emails, and feedback emails.

All of these emails should build a credible relationship with you and your readers. These email messages should draw people closer to your goal for your list.

Let’s go over the different types of email marketing messages in your email sequence.

Welcome Emails
This should always be the first thing you send out to anyone that enters your marketing funnel for the first time.

If you gain a new customer, a new subsciber, or a new client, always leave a good impression by welcoming them.

Show them that you value their time, their email, and that you prioritize them.

Dont forget – by welcoming them, you can introduce them to your website, other platforms that they may be interested in and possiby do business with you in. You could also give them a free gift to make them feel special and want to come back for more.

Email newsletters are a type of email that tells your audience about the latest news, tips, or updates about your product or company.

It can be valuable content, compapny updates, product updates, or something new that’s in the marketplace. In fact, there’s really no end to what you can include in a newsletter, as long as your content is as vibrant and engaging as possible.

Be consistent. Deliver your emails on a regular, timely basis. The goal is to not bore your customers. Try to keep it entertaining and your audience hooked in with your newsletters.

You don’t want to make everything about your business look like a sales pitch.

Update Emails
As a loyal customer, you would want to stay updated about your favorite company or brand.
The basic idea of updates is to keep your customers informed on how your business is doing, what’s new, and how you are constantly trying to improve your business.

By updating your loyal customers, it leaves a good impression. It keeps them motivated and hooked in to support your business more.

You can always improve your updates by adding visuals and being consistent with adding something appealing that will keep them look forward to more updates.

Sales Messages
Whether it’s an email promoting your own product or someone else’s, try to keep things interesting.

Just like with any ad or sales letter that you see – you’ve got to get their attention, peak their interest, create desire, and move them to take action.

When you’re writing sales-targeted emails, add some spark to the way you sell. Add some vibrant colors that stand out, use attention-grabbing phrases, and leave them asking for more with a touch of emotion, personalization, or even a free bonus offer.

One advice is to make sure that you’re sending the right messages to customers who have shown an interest in that product or products similar to the one you’re selling. You dont want to push offers that they dont want or they havent bought in the past, or else they’re going to want to unsubscribe.

Affiliate Offers
Affiliate offers are another way to broaden your marketing and generate more income.
You can either promote an affiliate offer to earn more profits, or you can use it as a special bonus offer to another product you may be selling.

There are many benefits to using affiliate offers.

They’re pre-made products that have pre-done funnels which you can earn commissions from, for every sale you generate.

They’re also great to build relationships with other product vendors. This can help you increase your reputation and business name. Maybe somewhere in the future, you can ask them to promote your products to their audience, and vise versa which is a great marketing strategy.

This can help your own business to expand and grow, all while earning income at the same time.

Feedback Emails
This is one of the best ways to build a good relationship with your customers.
This type of email is where you actually communicate with your subscribers individually.

It basically is where you send your subscribers an email asking them for feedback about something specific.

You ask them something like what they’re struggling with in your niche, and you inform them that you’ll reply to their questions personally.

So for example, if you’re in the weight loss niche, and you ask your subscribers to send you questions they have about ab workouts, you’re going to get a bunch of replies with questions like what’s the most effective workout, or how often they should workout?
The key is for you to reply to those emails personally.

I know this will take a few minutes each, but you’re generally going to get very similar questions.

By doing this – you’re setting yourself apart from the rest of the marketers out there who just automate their email marketing.

By interacting with your subscribers on a personal level, they will see you more as a friend and a trusted adviser than just another salesy marketer on the Internet.

They’re going to know, like, and trust you – you’re building rapport – and this is the difference between successful email marketers, and regular email marketers who don’t make any sales.

The more rapport you can build with your subscribers – the greater your chances are of making sales over the long term from your list.

Most people don’t take the time to build this rapport which is why they struggle to make any sales.

Don’t make that mistake.
Build rapport with your list and they will reward you for that.

Final Words:

To conclude, email marketing is not just writing and sending out emails and hope to get a sale.

Like anything else, there are strategies and different approaches. If you want to leverage and maximize your email marketing efforts, organize your email campaigns. Know the goal you’re trying to achieve with every email that you create. Build rapport and trust with your list by helping them solve their problems and get wins. This will help your marketing and sales in the future.