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The 7 Phases of A Funnel.

Hey, welcome back to another PocketMoneySecrets episode.

This is Grace and in this episode, we’re going to be talking about the seven phases of a successful funnel.

Now this is what sets most successful Internet Businesses from those that struggle or fail to get sales. so um there are two types of marketers so there’s the aggressive hard sellers who who are trying to sell the product that they have to their clients and then there are those who focus on the buying experience of their clients or their customers and this is what sets the successful businesses from those that struggle because um because if you’re trying to sell your product or your service to a customer without in with no framing then they’re more likely to get away from you whereas if you focus on the customer and giving them an enjoyable buying experience taking them through your value ladder and your sales funnel then they’re more willing to be part of your system and get to know you more and also be a developer relationship where they’re in the end they’re going to be willing to pay you for your services or your products so it all comes back to what’s called pre framing so because they’re different you’re gonna attract a load loads of different audience and people and different people are going to need different types of messaging for you to talk to them and the language they they that you use to attract them into your system so you gotta have this ability to pre-frame so for the successful businesses they have there are seven phases in a successful funnel so the first phase is focused on the traffic temperature or your traffic temperature so um as i’ve mentioned somewhere there’s you’ve got three types of traffic coming into your sales funnel there’s the cold warm and hot gold is people who don’t know who you are or your products they probably found you through an ad that they saw or they they typed into google and you showed up as one of the google results and yes so those these are people who don’t know who you are or your products and they have no idea of what you do the second is warm traffic these are people who are familiar with you they’ve probably heard you through an affiliate or joint venture or probably in a guest blog post or an interview so they kind of have or already know who you are or and the products that you that you provide the third traffic is hot traffic so these are people who already know you so they know you they like you and they trust you these are people in your email list or who follow your youtube channel and they follow you on instagram or different social media platforms they already know who you are so and they’ve already bought some of your products so you’ve gotta the first thing of your funnel is you’ve gotta identify the these three different types of traffic and because they are coming in from different angles they’re new there’s someone who’s already kind of familiar with you and someone who already knows you so you’re going to use different messaging and different funnels to attract them in so that’s the first phase of a funnel the second phase is what’s called the pre-frame bridge so this is where you’re going to warm them up so if you’ve if you’ve ever watched a boxing match or wrestling match you see the guy with the mic and he introduced the guy with in the blue corner and then he introduces the guy in the red corner this is how he’s pre-framing the audience he’s um because maybe the audience is warm or the new people who don’t know who any of the boxes are so you gotta pre-frame and warm up the audience to know what this is about what this or who this person is and that’s that’s the same mentality that is applied in internet so you gotta warm up your customers to know what your what you are about what you’re promoting and the products that you offer what what your purpose is and the value that you provide so that’s the pre-frame bridge that’s the second phase of a funnel the third phrase is qualifying subscribers so after you pre-frame people that could be through an ad a long form ad that you’ve written or and they probably heard you through an interview and they they got to know you through that interview so you’re going to lead people back to your squeeze page and you’re going to qualify who of that audience wants to know more from you so you qualify subscribers by getting them to a squeeze page where they sign in they give you your email address in exchange for a freebie that you give to them so this is um how you qualify subscribers then after that the next phase is qualifying buyers so of the audience who come into your email list who are what percentage percentage of the them are willing to pay you so from a subscriber to a buyer you so in this process you’re going to offer us what’s called a self-liquidating offer or a chop wire or something that’s low low price a low price in product and then after that the purpose of that is to then go to the next stage which is to identify of those buyers who is the hyper active buyers so hyperactive buyers are those who have a pain and they’re more willing to pay you more bucks for a product or service that will help them solve that pain and these are the people who are more willing to you know pay you more for your products or services and the value that you provide and then the next phase after that is to build the relationship and ascend your customers through your value ladder now what this means is after number five after you’ve taken them through a sales funnel uh qualifying the subscribers and then the buyers and then the hyper active buyers then you’re gonna let them um sync let time go through for them to digest the information or the products that you’ve given them and while they do that you’re gonna communicate with them through email or on whatever platform that you’re using to communicate with them and build a relationship where you can then ascend them through the value data so if someone came in and subscribed to your email list but didn’t buy anything you’re gonna use a different sequence of communication or series of messaging to send them through to the next step of your value data then that could be the next offer or your your course or coaching program for those who par who buy your offer who already qualify themselves as buyers you’re going to use a different messaging or email sequence that will send them to the next level of your value letter and that could be a live event or your next middle priced offer and the same thing goes for your hyper active buyers so number six is about building the relationship with your customers and through that communication that you use you’re going to use different messaging uh write out a different kind of language to ascend them to the next level of the value letter and then number seven the final phase is where you’re gonna change what’s called change the selling environment so this is where you’re gonna sell them on the high your highest service or product so in order for you if you’ve got a product that’s 1 000 grand or more or more expensive you’re gonna have to change the selling environment so you can’t send them through a sales page and expect them to want to buy through that sales page you’re going to have to put them through a live event get them to a live event and at the end of that live event you promote your high value product or you get them onto a a call with you and where you go through and talk with them and then you share the benefits of your high in service product and that could be a done-for-you service or a one-on-one consulting um whatever it may be for your industry or niche but those are the seven phases of a successful funnel again the whole goal of this is at each stage you’re pre-framing your customer and you’re you’re providing them uh enjoyable and a good buying experience you’re not pushing them just you’re not pushing them to buy straight away your you’re you’re taking them through your value that are in a more systematic and pleasurable way and again you’ll notice that at each level people who come through your sales funnel they’re going to require different types of messaging marketing for you and communication so that’s the end of this video this is what sets the most successful internet businesses who earn six figures seven figures and eight figures and more apart from those who are struggling to make sales or who fail so that’s the end of this video i hope you found this valuable helpful and you can understand the concepts that we’ve gone through in later videos we’ll go in more in depth with each stage and phase and what to do um but this is me this is grace mate signing out peace joy and love