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How To Write Personalized Emails…Without Spamming Your Customers!

We live in an era where we have information at our fingertips.

Who are our competitors?

Where do our potentiall customers hangout?

What products and information interest them?

What bait do we use to hook them into our sales funnel?

And so on.

But as marketers, we are blind to this opportunity.


It comes down to lack of personalized emails.

Consciously, we know “why” they are important.

But for some reason, we struggle on “how” to deliver the message.

So below are 5 key components that’ll help you grow your list more effectively.

  1. Personal Tags
  2. Segmentation
  3. Differentiate your content
  4. Email Automation
  5.  Follow-up emails.


1. Personal Tags

This is the entry to information about a customer.

Information such as their name, location and email address etc. 

You can collect this data within the autoresponder you use.

They have built-in tools that do it for you.

2. Segmentation.

Segmenting is what will get you maximum engagement.

You segment your customers based on demographics and interests.


So that each message you send, relates to them individually. 

That way then, you can identify their problems.

And also, they will feel like you actually care. 

Rather than asking them to buy all the time.

3. Differentiate your content

Typical marketers like to parrot each other.

They often copy and paste from original sourcers.

And it’s the cause to why their customers swim away.

But good news for you. 

You can differentiate yourself and stand out.


Make your content edu-taining;

(short for educating +entertaining).

This way, people will be interested and want to buy from you.


4. Automate your emails

Once you see results, then you automate everything.

Automation helps when you have a big list of subscribers.

Let them be sent out automatically on a set time and day.

Plus, it releases you to move onto more important tasks.


5. Follow-up emails

The biggest myth about email marketing is …

Follow-up emails.

This is where most marketers stuff up.

Because they get caught up with acquiring leads.

Creating the perfect product. 

Managing the team and so on.

And in the end, they forget to follow-up to close the sale.

Not only does it benefit them, but also customers. 

Customers can be distracted and click off of your email or website.

That’s why follow-ups play a huge part when it comes to email marketing.



To quickly recap, personalized emails is the key to getting your emails opened. 

The 5 key components that help you personalize emails is by:

  • Personal tags
  • Segmentation
  • Differentiate your content
  • Automate Everything
  • Follow-up emails