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How To Start, Grow, And Build Your Email List

Whether you’re just starting to build your first email list or you’ve already got an existing list, getting more people into your emali list should always be a goal.

The more people you have on your list, the more people you are able to send offers to, the more money you’re able to make, and the more money you save from paid advertising costs.

Keep on growing your list. Your list is your most valuable asset.

How, though?

Here are some ideas to think of.

Be innovative with your content

If you’re using content marketing as your main traffic source, this is something for you to consider.

Content will always remain king.

Whether it’s content you post on your blog, in forums, as guest posts, on social media, or on any other content-sharing platforms – you need to make sure your content is up to date and relatable to your target audience.

Be consistent. Make it engaging. Talk in a way that your audience can understand. Be entertaining. Be educational. Help them solve a problem they may have. Give them real actionable steps that they can take to achieve something. Give them wins.

When you can help them learn something or solve a problem, they are going to want to follow you for more. So help your readers so that you have a higher chance of growing your list.

Blogs or vlogs are another way where you can lead to find your website.
If you’ve got a podcast or any public social media channel, remind them to subscribe and support you within your content.

Always partner with other influencers
One of the fastest ways to get known and expand your reach is if you team up with other influencers and marketers.

By working with other people, you are bound to leave a good impression on new followers and your old ones.

Influencers are always willing to share good content with their followers as it gives off an interactive feel. The idea is to provide content that is unique and different or reflective of the usual, except it puts the original work to shame.

If you share content with influencers that fall in line with this basis, then you have a high chance of getting them to share further and support your content.

It is always a good way to expand your marketing horizon and further increase the number of followers on your list that can make up for the followers that have been lost.

Keep reminding your followers to subscribe
According to research, customers are more likely to give a follow or subscribe to a channel when they’ve been asked.

After working hard on trying your best to entertain your followers, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your followers to subscribe and support.

Moreover, you can always entice them by simply asking them to subscribe if they want more content. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of turning followers into subscribers; the idea is just to ask your followers regularly to subscribe and share your content.

Don’t stick to one platform
It is a fact that if you stick to one platform, there is less chance of an email marketer from growing their list.

Always remember that as a marketer, you need to have your reach on as many platforms as you possibly can.

The goal is to target platforms where your target audience are most likely going to be around and are already interested in the content you deliver.

If you can utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you can reach a large number of people, of which you can always direct them towards subscribing to your content.

This, therefore, can help in the growth of your list in email marketing.

Make use of Paid Advertising
Unlike free organic traffic, paid advertising gets you faster results.

There are various different ways to drive traffic through this route.
There’s facebook ads, google ads, linkedin ads, solo ads, native ads, youtube ads, etc.

First, you’ve got to choose the platform that can target your target audience.
Second, is your advertisement. Make your advertisements as enticing and convincing as possible. It will probably pay for you to do some research and anaylsis on this behalf. Find out where ads do well with your audience and make sure they are of good quality, and you’re sure to be golden with your list.

Every cost has an end result when it comes to subscribers, whether it is due to buying well-written articles or hosting webinars, you need to spend a little to maintain your email marketing list.

Give Something Worth Subscribing For

Whenever you ask someone to subscribe or follow you, make you give them something free in exchange. You could offer a small gift, a discount for an offer, a free pdf, or whatever it may.

Give them a reason or something worthwhile to sign up for.

By using this method, you gain the ability to maintain and improve the growth of your list as an email marketer.