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How To Build An Attractive, Charistmatic Leader

Video Transcription

Hey guys, it’s Grace here again. Welcome back to another video. 

In this video, we’re gonna be talking about how you build an attractive charismatic leader. So this is the first stage in creating your mass movement. 

Now, we’re going to be talking specifically about six rules to follow. This isn’t going to be an overnight success; it will take time and you will have to practice (these key rules) to find your own voice. Becoming the leader that your audience wants you to be.  

Rule #1 – Become an attractive character 

What this means is to share your backstory. By sharing your backstory, your audience are able to resonate with you. Struggles that you went through; the mistakes that you made and how you got to where you are and the results that you have now. 

That’s the idea of becoming an attractive character. We’ve also talked about this (the attractive character) in one of the earlier videos for Dotcom Secrets. 

Rule #2 –  Create certainty in what you teach 

Practice your message. What is your message? What is your purpose? based on the product that you are selling to the world and then finding your voice. 

In terms of the Internet, there are 3 ways that you can find your voice. That is 1) by publishing video content to platforms like YouTube and Facebook. 2) For those who prefer to write, you can write content for your blog. 3) Or those who you enjoy speaking but not on camera, you can go and do a podcast. So these are mediums that you can use to practice your message and find your voice. 

Rule #3 –  Do Not Be Boring 

Standing for what you believe and then polarizing the audience. Now you’re not going to attract everyone in the market. But you will attract a certain market by polarizing and standing up for what you believe and what you teach. You’ll then create your true fans who actually resonate and who actually like what you teach.

Rule #4 – Learn Persuasion

Learning to persuade and to indoctrinate people into your message. 

Rule #5 –  Care…A LOT 

So one of the biggest mistakes that most people make is that they drop the price and the value for their products and what they offer. They try to spend time juicing everyone in their funnel or in their list. 

So do not undervalue or underprice yourself. And remember to respect your audiences time because people who are willing to pay you money pay attention to all these things. And if you’re not willing to give any more time that they deserve you doing a massive disservice to your audience.

Rule #6 – Offer Them Value From Their Perspective 

A lot of marketers, we make the mistake of thinking that the value our audience wants, we think it’s the result. Sometimes people follow you for different reasons, maybe they joined you for the mastermind or the Facebook group that you have; or the content that you share; or maybe they want to learn more about that topic. These are different reasons why people probably follow you so don’t assume value from your own perspective. 

Find out by asking why they joined your list? Why did they join your movement? And then, offer them that value. 


So those are the 6 rules to building an attractive charismatic leader. 

The whole point of this is to share your message, find your voice and practice publishing content. Creating polarity in the audience and sharing your backstory of the mistakes that you came through and the struggles. Being able to resonate with your audience using the 3 mediums that I shared on how you can share your message. 

So that’s the end of this video. Don’t forget, these are the 6 rules to becoming an attractive charismatic leader. This is Grace signing out…

Peace, Joy, and Love.