About Us

Remember the days when you were a kid and did all sorts of jobs for pocket money? 

You know...lawns, washing cars, clearing leaves out of roofs, babysitting. 

Well this is how our story started. The same way as yours. 

Doing all sorts of odd jobs...just to make pocket money.

Now that we're a bit older and still learning stuff, we want to help other entrepreneurs design and live a stress-free life. 

Welcome to our world.

Hi, we’re the Maoate sisters - owners & co-founders of PocketMoneySecrets.

We come from a big family of 12 kids, living in New Zealand.

Our online marketing journey started with our older brothers.
We were all in between the ages of 8 to 12 (picture on the right). 

How We Started? (Our Journey)

Our very first online business was selling our mum’s Cook Island’s donut recipe on the internet. 

Before that, we were physically selling $10 bags of donuts to our neighbors every Friday night.

That was our way of earning pocket money, however, it wasn’t something we liked to do every week.

During that same period of time, our eldest brother was learning how to build websites. He was using software like NVU and XsitePro. He came across an American who was making money selling recipes on the internet.

So that triggered the idea to sell our mum’s Cook Islands donut recipe.

Here's how we did it... 

  • We typed the recipe into Word and converted it into a PDF.
  • Filmed 3 videos of our mum mixing, kneading, and cooking the donuts.
  • We then uploaded the videos and PDF file onto a website our brother created.
  • Then posted the website link in some of our most viewed Youtube videos.

Our first online business: CookIslandsDonuts.com

Within a few days, we made our first sale. $27 NZD.
Slowly after that, more sales started to drip into our paypal account.
This then opened us up to the world of “Internet Marketing”. 

This New World Called “Internet Marketing”...

For the next 2-4 years, we dived deep into learning more about the online space from mentors

Mark Ling (Affilorama), Daegan Smith (King of Emails), Chris Farrell, Alex Jeffries and so many more.

We ran multiple small businesses such as;

  • a lawn mowing business,
  • a Cook Islands music membership site
  • a Cook Islands language program
  • and sold physical niche products ie. Bidet toilet seats, Surfboard Bike Carriers.

Some of these businesses are still live and running to this day, while some have closed.

The Moment Things Changed...

Then came 2012, the year things completely changed for our family.
We were separated from our parents and put into state-care.
And along the way, lost a brother to suicide.
Having been a tight-knitted family, we lost all hope and ambitions in just a few short months.
We spent the next year and a half recovering and regaining our lives back to normal. 

What Happened Next?...

Fast forward to 2015, we were involved in Real Estate projects.
We dismantled garages and sold them online.
Then we built portable sleepout units.

We gained a lot of trade skills which got us into renovating 3 home properties that our dad's friend owned. As a result, we created three information products based on these experiences.

To this day, we are still learning and implementing what we learn from top industry leaders such as: 

  • Neil Patel,
  • Andre Chaperon,
  • Russell Brunson,
  • Frank Kern,
  • Anik Singal, and more.

We genuinely want to help others, like you, live life as you wish without having to be locked in a job or struggling to live financially.

How PocketMoneySecrets Will Help You?

It hasn’t been an easy-going ride.

We’ve had shiny object syndrome.
We’ve tried those scammy “done for you, push-button” systems.

We’ve dealt with information overload. We’ve invested time and money in multiple different courses that teach different types of business models. We’ve succeeded, and we’ve failed.

Our Mission here is to provide practical advice and product recommendations to ordinary people, like you, who want to work from home.

We outline steps, uncover cutting-edge secrets, and post content that you usually have to pay big bucks for.

How Our Content Is Created?

The content on this site is an end result of all the knowledge we've gained along the way.

We aim to tell things based on our experiences and using stories from other successful online marketers.

Because when you learn from others, your knowledge gets sharper. That sharpness prepares you to take advantage of new opportunities.

All in all, we want this site to be a place you can trust and that is not focused on making quick bucks. Use our information to make the best decisions for yourself and for your business. 

What’s In It For You?

Whether you’re already in business, you want to be in business, or just getting started online - everything to do with “How To Build An Online Business And Generate Passive Income” is here.

We connect the dots for you.

We’ve taken what we’ve learnt from our own experiences, what the online gurus are teaching today, and transformed it into an easy-to-understand way where anyone can follow through.

Meet The Team

Teamwork makes the Dream work" - John Maxwell

Grace, 19

Graphics Designer | Video-Editor

Neita, 18

Market Research | Content Creator 

Shine, 19

Web Developer | Funnel-Builder